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After the flop of her lead single of her soon to be released Fantasy Ride album, Ciara decided to change her lead single with this slow jam - Never Ever featuring Young Jeezy. Produced by Polow da Don. On first listen, i like the song! Something different from her!

I will give this track:


Oh yah, at the same time, Ciara covers Beyonce's new track Diva. It's the official remix of that track and at the same time, you can hear Ciara promoting her new track. Note: the track is not the full track.


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Presenting dirrtyremixes' best and faves of 2008... ignore the fugly graphics and typography... i n00b! Most Underrated Artists It's a 3 way tie between Brandy, Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera. It was almost a way tie with Michelle Williams - shot of 1 vote. lady gaga Please STOP the Music Rihanna wins hands down in this category for the song - Take A Bow! (39%). Riri's Disturbia got 8 hate votes at the same time. Katy Perry's I Kissed A Girl comes in second (30%). Best Collaboration Madonna's collaboration with Justin and Timbaland lands her best collaboration of 2008 with a whooping 47%. Jordin and Chris' No Air came in second. Fave Female Artist of the Year Leona Lewis takes the crown for Fave Female Artist! With her mega singles, i'm not surprised with her winning. Beyonce and Lady Gaga tied for the second place... Fave Male Artist of the Year It was a tight race between Chris Brown and Ne-Yo for Fave Male. But Ne-Yo won by 2 votes! Fave Group of the Year Winner by 75% - Pussycat Dolls! Pushed the competitions out of the water! =) Fave Local Featured DJ DJ Yoshiki has quite a big support in the Livejournal world i might say. But everybody's a winner at dirrtyremixes =p Remixer of the Year Jason Nevins and Moto Blanco were the top 2 contenders for this award... and guess who won? Moto Blanco... sorry [ljuser]cl3m3nt[/ljuser] :p and the final award... its the highest recognition ever! Fave Song of the Year It's not other than Miss Britney Spears with her #1 hit, Womanizer! No surprise coz this song is the dirrtyremixes' 3rd most downloaded track of 2008 Let's sing it togther... "winnerizer, winner-winnerizer.. i'ma winnerizer, baby!!!" so thanks all folk... the year that was 2008... what do you think about the results?
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Gone with the old and in with the new! Yup, new year brings new stuff. As you can see, we have finally broken free from our livejournal community ([ljcomm]dirrtyremixes[/ljcomm]) and gotten ourselves a brand new home at a brandy new domain with our name in it - dirrtyremixes.com. We hope with this new home, we can hype up your music world with hot remixes, hot songs, and hot news and gossips to go along with it. And do stick with us 'coz we have lots to offer. Trust me on this ;) At the same time, we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the support and compliments. Come to think of it, dirrtyremixes is only 3 months old and the response has been very encouraged. Surpassing our expectations. ANYWAYS since we're so in the new year, we couldnt forget how wonderful 2008 was for music. We have seen Britney rise from the dead twice! We've seen records broken by Rihanna and Mariah. And finally the results of the best of 2008!!!! RESULTS WILL BE PUBLISHED SOON!!!