Homo Erectus Mix (feat Jacob)


Junior says
Jacob is a distant friend who hails from West Hollywood with whom I've known for quite some time. We were kinda discussing the differences between all the labels of music genre when he asked if I had ever mixed 'live' over the net. So with his input and our spontaneity, this is the fruit.

Different styles were applied as usual but you would be able to hear the shifts, gradually, I think. B2B tracks featuring Jennifer Carbonell and the ending? What could be better than to have a little Bollywood song and dance? :)


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The Official UK Singles Chart (Mar 16, 2009 Edition)


DJ Yoshiki's Birthday In KL Glamorous Snap Snap Mix


Resident DJ DJ Yoshiki's birthday is TODAY! Happy Birthday TIMMY!

1.The Outsiders feat. Amanda Wilson - Keep This Fire Burning
2.Love Assassins - The Boy Is Mine
3.Enrique Feat Ciara - Takin' Back My Love
4.Solange - Sandcastle Disco
5.Britney - If U Seek Amy
6.Global Playboyz - Aint No Mountain High Enough
7.Kelly Clarkson - My Life Would Suck Without You
8.Utada - Come back To Me
9.Solange - T.O.N.Y.
10.Rihanna - Shut Up And Drive
11.LadyGaga - Poker Face
12.PCD -Jai Ho!

triple treat:

Keri Hilson In a Perfect World... Album Review


In a Perfect World...
The album can finally see the light of day! It's coming out from the dumpster to the cd shelves next week, March 24th! Orignally slated for October 2007 release but the album was pushed back so many times. According to Keri herself, it was mainly due to budget cuts at her record label. I think its more to the fact her singles, Energy and Return The Favor were big flops. I can understand why Return The Favor is yucky, but Energy is such a hot track (at least to me).

For her debut release, she has enlisted big big names to launch her solo career. Names like Danja, Timbaland, Polow da Don and even Justin Timberlake. Keri herself wrote 10 out of 14 tracks. I love artists who write their own songs. There are enough of "hand me a hit" artist our there.

At first listen of leaked tracks like Slow Dance and Turn Me On, i thought Keri Hilson was trying to revive the 90s with this album! It reminded me how much i missed those RnB tunes back in the day. But after listening the whole album, its much more diverse than i thought.

On the first listen once through without skipping any tracks, the album doesn't 'hits' directly at you as compared to most mainstream albums, which is usually easy to pick up on the first listen. The main album with 14 tracks in total, not sure whether there would be bonus tracks for it. Was hoping that some of the leaked tracks would be on the album, like Get It Girl, Mic Check and Control Me, which would fit in the album very well.

And since this is a R&B/Hip-Hop album, most tracks have Hip-Hop and Rap elements to it. As a result, this album is a grower as you give more spins to it. The overall feel of this album is mostly on slow jams or Rap-infused tracks.

This album has a mixture of slow, and slightly more upbeat tracks, I would not say this is a fantastic album, with me liking every single song, some are pretty good, and an improvement from before. Although I personally feel that the album does not have alot of stand out tracks, there are pretty much "sure-win" favourites. Like "Make Love" for example and the already successful "Turning Me On" Although Keri's "Numba 1 (Tide Is High)" was a flop single, I actually liked the song. To each his own, they say.

Tracks We Like
  • Turnin' Me On
    dirrtysean - I didnt like Turnin' Me On at first. But after hearing the various remixes of the track... it finally hooked on me... i love the phrase "Dime Divas Give It To Me!"... i hope club remixes of this track will leak soon (if there are any)!
    rickified - Third Single of the album (!!!). Featuring Lil’ Wayne, who is infamous for using the vocoder and auto tuner. Already in the Top 20 in the Billboard Hot 100 chart, the beats are addictive. =)
    airotcivqueen - This is already a winner, needless to say.

  • Set Your Money Up
    rickified - Featuring Keyshia Cole and Trina. Loved how fast-pace this song can get. A Booty-shaking song in a R&B Club.

  • Return The Favor
    rickified - Featuring Timbaland (Head Honcho, LOL). An underrated song. 2nd single off the album. Hate the album version, prefers the Radio Edit as the album version runs too long at the end. The chorus is pretty unique. The ways she sings ‘Hey’ in ascending order. 2 times, 3 times, then 4 times.

  • Knock You Down
    rickified - Featuring Kanye West and Ne-Yo. 4th single off the album. A grower and the slow jams starts from this track onwards. Ne-yo makes reference to his single, ‘Miss Independent’ (Keri guest stars in that vid). I can do without the Rap from Kanye though.
    airotcivqueen - Possibly remix worthy, sung with Kanye and Neyo, which makes the track slightly different.
    dirrtysean - I really like the Miss Independent line... it's so hot!

  • Slow Dance
    rickified - Justin Timberlake has writing credits to this song. Could easily fit in his ‘FutureSex/LoveSounds’ album. Timbaland influenced track.

  • Make Love
    dirrtysean - The "Love Love Love Love Love" part so reminds me of 4 Non Blondes - Whats Going On! Really! It gives me that vibes!
    rickified - Kanye West is supposed to contribute vocals to this song, but was ommited out last minute. Can do without it. As the title suggest, play this song while making out. =)
    airotcivqueen - My favourite in the album. As the title suggests, this song is sweet raunchy. Kanye West also appears in the video.

  • Alienated
    airotcivqueen - Interesting title, I've liked this since it came out months ago.
    rickified - A mid-tempo. The ‘Outta ma system’ part gets stuck to your head. In a good way. =)

  • Change (feat Akon)
    airotcivqueen - Collaboration with Akon, a slightly more upbeat track.
    dirrtysean - This is such a hot song. Akon's singing vocals in this track is very different. Something new!

  • Energy
    airotcivqueen - This track has a Brandy feel, I love Brandy, so this is good.


This album features a stellar cast of guest singers, Keri can do no wrong. But it worries me that this album might be a flop as it lacks mainstream appeal. This gal is uber talented, so do give this album a chance, spin it at a CD store and buy it. =) Given the intensity of this album, this would be a nice make-out album, in the same reins of Ne-Yo’s stuff.

Anyway, Keri's career might possibly steer upwards, if this album becomes successful, well hopefully, because I think she has the looks and charm, plus a pretty good voice, which is a headstart to success. All the best Keri! As for whether to spin it or trash it, I'd say spin it, it ain't perfect but it doesn't suck.

It took 3 singles to make her team to decide to release the album. If her 3rd single didnt perform as well as it did, i doubt we will be doing this review at all... But Keri deserves to make it big. She totally does!



Anastacia's follow-up single after I Can Feel You. Was supposed to be Absolutely Positively but that got canned.

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