This EXCLUSIVE interview is by our previously featured DJ on our site DJ Steph Seroussi. Taken from his website. Enjoy this interview from him PLUS a Dave Audé mixset at the end of this interview!

Super-producer and 2010 Grammy nominated remixer Dave Audé, is our guest this week.

If you already heard about him, maybe it’s because he is behind loads of high-quality club remixes, for superstars such as Janet, Lady Gaga, U2, The Pussycat Dolls, Madonna or Beyoncé. Dave Audé is a man that the Industry turn to when they want amazing music.

Dave's chameleon-like skills allow him to succeed within any genre of music whether it’s about remixing, producing, DJing or writing new tunes.

It’s time to know him more, with an interview and a mix selection he’s offering us.

You just have been nominated at the 52d Grammy award as "Best Remixed Recording" for "I Want You", although you did not win, what does that nomination means to you ?
Dave Aude: I’m told its bad luck to win your 1st nomination………lol. I know its cliché, but I’m just really happy to be nominated. It means somebody out there in the business noticed what I’m doing and that’s really all I could ask for. Winning would just make my head bigger anyways...

From Lady Gaga to Gorillaz, from The Pussycat Dolls to U2, you always seem to please everyone; artists, labels, people.. What’s your secret ?
Dave Aude: I try to deliver mixes that appeal to everyone. I also try and keep the song and vocal in tact. So many guys try and do the “ultra cool/underground” type of mix which is great, but at the end of the day I’m trying to reach as many people as possible with my remix.

With 24 official remixes produced in 2009, you’re one of the most sought dance producers in the world. How do you proceed about creation ? In what order do you work ?
Dave Aude: Is that all? 24? Thought I did more. Um, I really couldn’t tell you there’s an exact science or checklist to what I do. I’ve done so many mixes over the years, I just sit down and do it. Really, just whatever happens, happens. Having said that, I suppose I do put some thought into tempo, but that’s about it. The rest just “happens”.

Is there an artist you would like to be commissioned to remix ?
Dave Aude: Steve Perry the original singer from Journey.

What has been your decisive track so far ? (the one that brought all eyes on you)
Dave Aude: Not sure. There’s probably more than one. “I Hate This Part”, “Halo”, “Pokerface”, and “Pyramid” are a few recent big ones.

As a DJ, where is your favorite place in the world to play ?
Dave Aude: Anywhere there is 1.) good sound, 2.) packed club, and 3.) a lighting guy that knows what’s up. In the past its been: 1997 – 2002 Velvet, St Louis. 2003 – 2006 On Broadway, San Diego. 2007 – 2009 anything Triad Dragons did in Denver. Present: Voyeur – San Diego, Playhouse – Los Angeles, and Lizard Lounge – Dallas.

What are you working on at the moment ?
Dave Aude: Plumb, Kelis, Pussycat Dolls??, Havana Brown, Zayra, Erika Jayne, and Dave Audé bombs. This is the year of Dave Audé singles I’ve decided…

Tell us more about your studio : What’s the equipment you use ?
This is secret info, but here’s a few: Pro Tools, refx Nexus 2, Spectrasonics Trillian, Nord Lead, Nord Rack, Studio Electronics SE-1. Roland V Synth XT, Roland Juno 106, Roland MKS 30, TR909, Linn Drum, 808, 727, Roland 5080, and all things McDSP and Waves.

Have you ever been to France ? What do you think of the French nightlife ?
Just had dinner at the Eiffel Tower in October but I didn’t hit any clubs so I really can’t say. I’m hoping my next trip will include some packed clubs with screaming half naked women, a pumpin’ sound system and a lighting guy who knows what’s up !

Thanks Dave !


Dave Aude Mixset by Dave Aude
1. Mike Snow “Silvia” (Sebastian Ingrosso & Dirty South Remix)
2. John Dahlback “Love Inside” (Andy P Dub)/
3. Lady Gaga “Bad Romance” (Dave Audé Radio)
4. Dave Audé feat. D’Still’d “Stop” (Manuel De La Mare Remix)
5. Dave Audé & Tall Paul feat Sisely “Common Ground” (Harry Choo Choo Romero Remix)
6. Starkillers “Cantina” (original)
7. Gina Star feat Roland Clark “This Is Hollywood”
8. Deadmau5 & Chris Lake “I Said” (Michael Woods Remix)
9. Dean Coleman “I Want You” (Dave Audé Grammy Nominated Remix)
10. Genji Yoshida “Lets Get Loud” (Lissat & Voltaxx Remix)
11. Cirez D “On/Off” (Sebastien Leger Remix)
12. Navas & Amo “Heart Beat” (Abel Ramos Remix)
13. Temper Trap “Sweet Disposition” (Axwell & Dirty South Remix
14. Jerome Isma-Ae “Hold That Sucker Down” (DA bootleg Edit)
15. Goldfrapp “Rocket” (Tiesto Remix)


DJ Steph Seroussi Website

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