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I Did It For Love

by BoA
May 29th, 2009; 1:09 pm (GMT+8) 2
dirrty feature:

BoA's "BoA" Album Review

Mar 31st, 2009; 1:30 pm (GMT+8) 0

'BoA', originally titled 'Look Who's Talking' (a track name off the album), is BoA's debut English album and her 12th studio album (inculding Japanese and Korean albums). This album marks her foray in the US market. It is released on March 17th in the US.

rickified - Being an all uptempo track album, it suffers slightly as there's no ballads/slower songs to showcase BoA's vocals. This gal can really sing, as I'm sure most Asians are familiar with her. Backed by top notched producers like Sean Garrett and Bloodshy & Avant, this album is of a certain standard, definitely. As a dance-pop album, it leans towards the Urban side. The Bass is sufficient enough for my liking, which is essential for an addictive song/album. I actually like every song to be honest. =X

dirrtysean - This album reminds me of Britney Spears' Blackout 2.0. You'll sure going to get a blackout from it. As what rickified said, its an uptempo album. With tracks tailored for the clubs. There's not a single slow song!

  • I Did It For Love
    rickified - 2nd single. If this song doesn't set the clubs on fire, I dunno what else could.
    airotcivqueen - Sung with Sean Garrett is my favourite in the whole album.
    dirrtysean - To me, its the bestest and hottest track in her album. If her album has only this song. i will give it a full 5 star rating...

  • Energetic
    rickified - Another club banger. As stated by it's title. Uncredited vocal contribution by Sean Garrett.
    airotcivqueen - As the title suggests, the song is ENERGETIC.
    dirrtysean - The lyrics of Energetic is cheesy but a lil bit addictive. But this track sounds just like her other track - Hypnotic Dancefloor. Sometimes i'm not sure which track i'm listening too.. lol

  • Did Ya
    rickified - My fave song of this album. "You shoulda love me right when you had me." "You shoulda love me right but you didn't, did ya." It gets stuck to your head immediately. As the lyrics suggest, it's about moving on and for those who doesn't appreciate you.

  • Look Who's Talking
    rickified - For commenting purposes, this song is co-written by Britney. Sounds like it could fit in the 'Britney' album era. BoA carries this song well though. =)

  • Eat You Up
    rickified - 1st single. Love the Asian version of the vid to bits!!! I wanna dance like her. LOL. A warm up single, it is very successful among the online community even without any promotion back then except for the vids. The song peaked at number 8 on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play.
    airotcivqueen - Produced by Henrik Jonback who also wrote for Britney and Madonna, has interesting beats and is easy to get the song stuck in your head, however, if you are the type that is anal about bad English, BoA would sound less than good here.


Final Verdict
An obvious flaw that I could complain about this album is the vocoder used. She sounds like a female counterpart of Kanye in comparison with his recent album. HELLO!!! She can sing and dance at the same time and she doesn't need to sound robotic, unless it's about the effects, which sounds distorted at times. This album is a grower too. Once it hits you, it would be on heavy rotation and you can't stop. Trust me. Otherwise, it's a good album for a night out and to warm up before clubbing. =)

For the haters out there, try putting your own shoes in hers and see that it's tough to sing and dance at the same time. At her age now, she's uber professional and she deserves the success that she has now. =)

Overall, I think the album has energised, jumpy tracks, which are easy to listen. Although, Boa could really do with some language improvement, but we can't blame her. She is Korean. Anyway, I'd say this is a pretty good album, basing on the fact BOA only does Korean/Japanese albums usually. As for whether to spin it or trash it, I'd say spin it, fortunately, her songs are pretty fast beat mainly, which covers up her not very polished English, but the tracks are still groove worthy, also, for a fact the videos for some of the songs are really hot, she possesses
great dance moves! Also, her plan to enter the US market has proven to not be a failure, because her lead single has charted up to number 8 on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play.

BoA, also known as Beat of Angel... Judging from this album, i dont see or hear any angel.


BoA - Look Who's Talking

Mar 17th, 2009; 11:30 am (GMT+8) 1

BoA's second single is now changed to "Look Who's Talking" which is apperently cowritten by Britney Spears for her Circus album but it didn't make the cut. So now BoA's is taking it and put her spin on it. BoA's upcoming album is said to be very dance-y and kinda Britney-ish.

But i still prefer "I Did It For Love" featuring Sean Garrett... It's on high rotation over at my ipod at the moment....

Preferred Second Single Track

BoA - I Did It For Love (feat Sean Garrett)

Mar 10th, 2009; 10:30 am (GMT+8) 3
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