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Jun 24th, 2009; 8:00 pm (GMT+8) 0
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Booty Luv - Dance, Dance

Apr 29th, 2009; 1:15 pm (GMT+8) 0

"Dance, Dance" is the 5th and final single released by Booty Luv. Well, I considered this as a promo single only, not released in the UK but in some parts of Europe instead. And this song aint a cover version too, making it the 2nd orginal single release by them and again with song writing credits by the girls. This song only have 1 remix, by Hardwell.

I love the intro and the chorus loads, a party song definitely. =) So, that's the end of the "Boogie 2nite" era. Im still eagerly awaiting for the high quality version of "Say It", I'm crazy about that song!!! Would do well on the charts i must say. =)



Booty Luv "Boogie 2nite" Album Review

Apr 28th, 2009; 6:18 pm (GMT+8) 0

Ah, finally an Album review eh. Sorry for the lack of reviews last week i guess. So, Booty Luv took the name for their first single for their debut album, Boogie 2nite. Ironically, a cover version by Tweet but more successful than that original. Released on 17th September 2007 in the UK only by Hed Kandi, the album bazed straight into the UK album chart, debuted and peaked number 11.

The album contains Booty Luv's 4 hit singles, 5 of the tracks in the album are cover versions and 7 of the rest are original tracks co-written by the girls themselves, Nadia and Cherise. It's cool that the album is released in the US too,on 5th August 2008, same tracklisting with an exclusive bonus remix of "Shine" and a new colour scheme for the cover art for the album (Blue and Green). I prefer the original Blue and Pink. =)

First Impressions

The genre for this album is mashed with Dance-pop, house and R&B. Basically it's vocal house to me. Most artist usually slaughter cover versions badly, not Booty Luv though. A definite party album that everyone could spin on the weekends, this kinda albums are rare. And now on with the track by track review. =)

Standout Tracks

  • Boogie 2nite
    First single, covers Tweet's original. A reallt good song to set the tone for the album. Also quite popular back in the UK back then. This song introduces us to how Booty Luv sounds like. Already a House Classic.

  • Shine
    Second single, covers Luther Vandross. My fave track of the album. As I've stated in Rickified 's Rants before, this song marries Soul with Disco. Hearing this song would never fail to cause my body to groove.

  • Don't Mess With My Man
    Third single, covers Lucy Pearl. This song is fierce!!! An Anthem I guess. I like the arrangement of the production of the song.

  • Some Kinda Rush
    Fourth Single, an original co-written by the girls. The thumping beats of the heavy bass made me sit up straight. A good song to be played while driving a sports car. Get what I mean?? =)

  • Dance, Dance
    A limited release single. Loves the lyrics. Another one for the dance floor definitely.

  • Be With You
    Covers Mary J Blige. The girls has impressive vocals on this song without being over the top. Given the Hed Kandi treatment. =)

  • Good Girl's Gone Bad
    Not to be confused with Rihanna's GGGB. Both have different vibes. Yeap, this song is dance floor ready too. This song has writting credits by Diane Warren btw.

  • A Little Bit
    Has a middle-eastern feeling to the song. Worth a listen.

  • He's A Winner
    This song has the potential to be a huge hit. The beats are so clubbish. Not the house kinda, but the MOS vibe to it. One of my faves from the album too.

  • Something To Talk About
    A floor-filler. One of the gems from the album.

  • Where You Are
    The girls slow things down with a mid-tempo to close the album. Quite ok.

Final Verdict

Even though the tracks sounds repetitive, each of them still has a signature beat. Great effort even though 5 of the tracks are cover versions. Booty Luv sure knows how to choose their singles well. First 5 tracks of the album are the first 5 singles. This album would definitely make one let loose from all worries (Provided they have a keen ear to this kinda music). This album is on the heavy rotation in my Ipod too. Worth the Purchase. Excited for the Sophomore release from the girls. The girls promised that the album would see more original tracks written by them. "Say It" is so HAWT!!! =)

I’ve included a Megamix by them. First 5 singles in chronological order. It’s an official Megamix btw. =)



Previously Posted Tracks

rickified's rants:

Booty Luv - Some Kinda Rush

Apr 27th, 2009; 4:47 pm (GMT+8) 3

Continuing on the Booty Luv Trilogy, "Some Kinda Rush" is the 4th single from them. At last, it is the first original release by the girls and has song writing credits by both of the gals, Nadia and Cherise.

Even though the song peaked at number 19 on the UK singles chart, response for the song is positive by the masses and critics alike. The promotion of this song caused the album to bounce back into the UK albums chart.

Ok, if u all seen the Vid before, it's kinda cheesy. All the remixes are alright, somewhere above average. Give it all a listen. =) The Paleface remix is kinda unique catchy with it's beats though.



rickified's rants:

Booty Luv - Don't Mess With My Man

Apr 24th, 2009; 11:36 pm (GMT+8) 1

[REPOST] Posted the wrong links... now fixed!

With the first 3 singles doing cover songs of other artists, Booty Luv kinda played it safe but they did add their own twist to the songs which makes it sound fresh. Being the 3rd single, "Don't Mess With My Man" covers Lucy Pearl's original. (They are a R&B group that consist of famed producer Raphael Saadiq back in the early 00s)

Booty Luv's version was released a week before their debut album was released, and had a good chart performance at number 11 on the UK singles chart and number 1 on the UK dance chart.

Seamus Haji does his "Big Love" remix again on this song. YAY!!! This song sends across a 'mark my territorial' message. Yeap, I would not like anyone to mess with my partner, that's for sure. =) A worthy note is that the Booty Luv version of the song is produced by Bimbo Jones.



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